3 Reasons to shoot with the new Kase KW Revolution Filter Kit

Kase Filters are constantly evolving their offering of new filters to fill a need or gap in the market. They were first to introduce magnetic filters to the world, though many other brands have since copied the design. 

Kase KW Revolution ND Filter Kit

The latest offering from Kase Filters are the new KW Revolution magnetic circular kits. Made with the same qualities as their popular Wolverine sets (toughened glass, no colour cast, and shock resistant), the Revolution kit adds some fantastic new features that set it apart. Let's explore the 3 reasons you would choose to shoot with this kit!

1. Colour Coded Neutral Density Filters

How often have you hunted in your filter bag for a filter only to pull out the wrong one since they all look the same! The new Revolution kit has solved this problem with colour coded filters, making it easy to know which one you're about to use. The colour coding is simple:

  • Silver - polariser
  • Blue - ND8
  • Yellow - ND64
  • Red - ND1000

Kase KW Revolution Colour Coded Filters

Colour coded KW Revolution Filters 

2. Compatibility with screwed filters and Wolverine filters

The KW Revolution filters have been designed to be compatible with any existing screwed filters you might have, you can simply screw these onto the front of any of the colour coded ND filters, or use the inlaid ring (explained below) to do it in reverse.

KW Revolution Filter with Screw In Front Filter

Revolution Filter with a Screw-in Polariser in front of the filter

You can also attach KW Revolution filters magnetically in front of magnetic Wolverine filters, though you can't do it the other way around due to the design on the front of the Revolution filters that allows screw-in filters.

KW Revolution with Wolverine Filter behind

KW Revolution Filter in front with Wolverine magnetic filter & adapter behind

If you need to accommodate different lens sizes, the Revolution filters are also compatible with all Wolverine step-up magnetic adapter rings as well.

3. A NEW Magnetic Inlaid Ring

For the first time, the KW Revolution kit offers a slimline inlaid adapter ring option as well as the standard magnetic adapter ring. This actually has several benefits, which might not be immediately apparent.

KW Revolution Inlaid Magnetic Ring

KW Revolution Magnetic Inlaid Adapter Ring sits fully inside the lens

Firstly, the inlaid ring sits right inside the lens which reduces the thickness of the filters extending from the front of the lens, effectively reducing vignetting especially on wide angle lenses. Note that it won't necessarily eliminate it altogether especially with multiple filters stacked together, but it definitely will reduce the effect. 

KW Revolution Adapter Ring Comparison

Comparison between 2 versions of magnetic adapter rings

KW Revolution Magnetic Adapter Ring sizes

Difference in size between the 2 types of rings

Secondly, the inlaid ring makes it much easier to continue using your standard lens caps and lens hoods if you wish, whereas the Wolverine design (or using the standard magnetic adapter ring that comes with the set) only allows the use of a dedicated magnetic lens hood that you can purchase separately and magnetic lens caps.

KW Revolution Filters with standard lens hood

KW Revolution Filters with inlaid ring & standard lens hood

Thirdly, if you choose to use a screw-in filter in combination with the Revolution set (explained above) and you wish to put the screw-in filter closest to your lens, you can use the inlaid ring between the screw-in filter and the Revolution filter which gives you more options to suit your set up.

The only restriction using the magnetic inlaid ring is that it can only be used with the same size lens and filters, so if you have smaller size lenses and you're wanting to purchase the 77mm or 82mm sized Revolution kit, you'll need to use the Wolverine magnetic step up adapter rings for your sized lens.


Like the very popular Wolverine kits, the new KW Revolution kit is both compact and portable, taking up next to no space in your camera bag in the pouch! The pouch with all the filters inside weighs only 260g with dimensions 12cm x 12cm x 5cm.

If you haven't already invested in a Kase Filter kit and you already have some screw-in filters or other Wolverine filters you'd like to combine the kit with, the new KW Revolution Kit is certainly worth a look - it is available in both an Entry Level and Professional version.

Check out below for a detailed review of how the kit works from our NZ Ambassador Meghan Maloney.